Work From Home Online is Still Work

Work From Home Online is Still Work

Right alongside action comes persistence. There are some people who will try to sell you a work from home online website and claim that all you have to do it set it up and forget it. But, with the speed of the changes happening on the internet, if you forget to consistently promote your website or your business, you will very soon be forgotten and left in the dust of those who know what it takes to draw attention to their business.

Work From Home Online is Still Work

Well, you can chalk those promises up to fantasy, because while the internet has opened up many opportunities for people to be able to work from home and regain control over their lifestyle and the way they make a living, the principles of success in work from home opportunities are just the same as they are in traditional business. Those principles are knowledge, action, persistence, patience and sustained the effort, especially when first trying to get a business off the ground.

The first principle, knowledge, is listed before the others because taking action before you know the ins and outs of the business you want to pursue is just folly. Taking time to research the market and understand what it takes to make your chosen business thrive, and then learning the skills you need to acquire or improve, will set the stage for the rest of the steps in your work from home business opportunity.

Once you have gained the knowledge you need about your new work from home opportunity it’s time to start taking the actions that are required to build your business. These actions will vary somewhat depending on they type of endeavor you have chosen but you will need to focus on sales, advertising and marketing in order to either gain clients or sell your product or service.

While taking action is critical, it cannot be a just a one-time event but must be persistent action. There are a lot of folks out there who will try to tell you that if you pay them for a pre-built, plug and play website as the basis of your work from home online business, that you can just spend a little time customizing it and then let it pull in the money for you. While it might be true that you can do the set up once, you will have to take consistent and persistent action to get it promoted or it will be completely lost in the vastness of cyberspace.

Even with the most persistent plan of action, you must employ patience as well when you work from home. Yes, things happen in the online world at amazing speeds, but if your primary marketing strategy is to get a high listing in a search engine, or if you want your blog to be the most visited, you must understand that it takes time to weave the web of marketing activities that can get you to those goals.

Sustained effort is both the final step and the beginning step of a new cycle, of the successive steps. With the success you will gain from beginning your work from home online business, you can then repeat the process, add to your knowledge, refine the actions you take, follow through with persistence and patience and as you go through this process you will enjoy success built upon success.

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Current Demands for Digital Marketing

Current Demands for Digital Marketing


Current Demands for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is on the boom and regularly increased use of it indicates a good demand also. Before understanding the demand of digital marketing we should know about the digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is a kind of marketing which comes under the online marketing; it takes place as an important element of it. Actually, it’s an innovative and fastest way of Marketing with the help of electronic and Digital equipment.

Digital Marketing, as the name suggests is a type of marketing which requires the use of all electronic devices like Radio, Television, Internet, Smartphones, cellphones, digital Billboards etc. It is rising continuously because of its increasing demand by various industries.

Online Advertising is now an essential element of a successful and growing marketing strategy for increased awareness and engagement with digital space. Nowadays Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing fields of advertising today for which all big industries looking.

It provides engagement between brands and customers.  Research says it is becoming important player to consumers for engaging with digital media. So most of the big companies following the digital marketing for better results in order to increase the sales and profits which includes PepsiCo, Nike and Samsung.

In this fastest changing environment, economy and market conditions are uncertain.  There are some factors which take a stand behind these changes like changing the pattern of advertising, marketing, promoting, behavior and demand of the consumer. One of the reasons for these changes in the Indian market scenario is becoming more globalized.

Another factor, technology is also changing at a rapid pace, which plays an important role in marketing and advertising techniques. Now peoples are more attracted toward internet and social networking sites. Which offering a great opportunity and growth to digital marketing.

Many of the big companies are doing well in his field. Today market success depends on the rapid adaptiveness of consumer demand and also the fulfillment of those demands as fast as possible.  Companies who are delivering what people demanding are running successfully.

So, first of all, it is necessary to know what a consumer wants and for that, it is necessary to be in touch with our consumer by targeting him. So here digital marketing is a way by which a marketer can target his customer and can serve them according to their need.

In 2018 digital marketing is becoming more popular and interested area for the marketer and it is not just beneficial for business purpose but also it providing a great career opportunity. So demand of peoples who can work for this digital work is also increasing.

So now the rules say if you want to survive and grow than it is necessary to adopt new changes, new resources, innovation, strategies and techniques. India is a place with big companies but research says here buyers are less as compared to it should be. Use of advertising by digital medium many companies trying to improve buyer’s market by digital advertising.

Investment in online advertising has increased in 2018. India is becoming a most attracted place for many multinational companies in just a few years, so for good business results, digital advertising is in demand. Peoples are interested in personal networking’s and also knowing about other people. With the use of social media, we can reach to peoples which include mostly youth.

We can say Future of digital marketing seems brighter because In earlier years digital marketing was not much as popular as it is. Today maximum of businessman, seller and marketer approaching for digital marketing mediums to make awareness about their products and services. It seems In future demand for digital marketing will be very much higher as compared to traditional method of marketing. There are some reasons who developing demand of digital marketing.

Improved Internet penetration
1. Social networking websites addiction
2. Use of Smartphones
3. Technological change
4. Economical change
5. Educational environment
6. Cost-effectiveness
7. Easily accessible
8. Better engagement

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The Secret Habits of Highly Successful Social Media

The Secret Habits of Highly Successful Social Media

The Secret Habits of Highly Successful Social Media

Last night I attended the “How Obama Put Digital Technology and Social Media to Work for Him – And How You Can Too” event hosted by MITX. The panel of speakers included Blue State Digital, Mzinga, Pistachio Consulting, and Voter Activation Network and Kantar.

While the Obama campaign is a unique story of outreach and engagement (1 million supporters signed up for text messages from the campaign and over 200,000 individuals organized events like house parties), many of the key lessons shared by the speakers resonated with me as “simple, social truths.” These simple truths should serve as our guidelines for how to run a successful social media campaign, or at the very least employ social media techniques into our existing online, interactive practices.

Here’s what I heard last night:
1. Acknowledge who you are and what is practical
2. It’s about giving [passionate]people something to do
3. Use digital tools for non-digital means
4. The secret sauce is not technology
5. Culture makes technology work
6. Find ways to merge the bottom up and top down

In the end, it’s about integrating strategy, design and technology. We need to remember not to throw out what we do know, but rather to apply our best practices in product development or fundraising in new ways. The question is not should we use Facebook, Twitter, Mzinga, or YouTube to promote our companies and issues, but rather how will we use our listening and strategy skills to reach the people who are already passionate about our issues or products.

For more tips and lessons, check out some of these resources shared by the panelists last night:

Twitter for Business:

Manage like Obama:

Barack, Inc.:

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New Updates for Lync Server 2010

Looks like there has been a revision to the Updates for Lync Server 2010 knowledge base article. The revision date is now August 15, 2011 – Revision: 11.0. A summary of the available updates is included below.

Update for Administrative Tools

2467771 Lync Server 2010, Administrative Tools: January 2011

Update for Core Components

2571545 Cumulative update for Lync Server 2010, Core Components: July 2011

Update for Conferencing Attendant

2575872 Cumulative update for Lync Server 2010, Conferencing Attendant: July 2011

Update for Conferencing Server

2575870 Cumulative update for Lync Server 2010, Conferencing Server: July 2011

Update for Web Components Server

2571547 Lync Server 2010, Web Components Server: July 2011

Update for Standard/Enterprise edition Server

2571546 Lync Server 2010: July 2011

Update for Web Conferencing Server

2575871 Cumulative update for Lync Server 2010, Web Conferencing Server: July 2011

Update for Mediation Server

2502810 Cumulative update for Lync Server 2010, Mediation Server: April 2011

Update for Unified Communications Managed API 3.0 Runtime

2571505 Cumulative update for Lync Server 2010, Unified Communications Managed API 3.0 Runtime: July 2011

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Lync Documentation and Training

There are a number of Lync 2010 resources available for both IT Pros and End User. In this post I’ll endeavour to outline some of the content that’s available and where you can get it.

Lync Adoption and Training

The best place to start when hunting for training resources for Microsoft Lync is the Lync Adoption and Training Kit. Think of the Adoption and Training kit has content you could either post on an Intranet or convert to Acrobat or Word guides to provide to staff. The kit contains the following resources, each of which can be downloaded separately:

You can download the Adoption and Training kit or access it online:

Microsoft Lync 2010 Quick Reference Cards

The Quick Reference cards are possibly one of the must useful resources available when rolling out Lync to end users. The cards can be quickly printed and left with end users and cover topics such as:

  • Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendant
  • Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendee
  • Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Conferencing
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Voice and Video

Download the Quick Reference Cards here.

Documentation for IT Pros

There is lots of great documentation for Lync available for IT Pros on TechNet. Most of this content can be viewed online or you can download it in .doc or .chm format.

Other Resources

Some additional resources that might be of use:

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Policy Based QoS on Windows 7 in a workgroup

If you happen to be using Policy Based QoS on a Windows 7 machine in a workgroup you might find that it doesn’t work. Turns out you need to add the following registry key to make it work. File this one under the “Only wasted hours” category.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\QoS]"Do not use NLA"="1"
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Lync 2010 Visio Resources

Recently I’ve found myself doing a lot more work with Microsoft Lync 2010. Microsoft supply some really good guidance on Lync topologies by way of reference architctures, which are available on TechNet.

The diagrams included as part of the reference architectures are very impressive. Have a look here. Happily you can download these architecture diagrams in Visio. When doing a Lync design in Visio the follow are a must have:

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Duplicate Computer Records In SCCM

Have you ever wondered why when rebuilding a machine in SCCM you end up with another computer record? Quite often I am ask why this is the case and if it can be fixed. Now it turns out that the answer isn’t completely straight forward so I endeavour to explain here what is happening and how to get better control of duplicate computer records.

Client Installation and Discovery

For things to work in SCCM and SCCM GUID is generated by the client so that the computer can be uniquely identified by SCCM. When a client is installed (actually each time ccmexec.exe starts) 3 values are check to determine identification information. These 3 values are:

  2. Machine SID
  3. Hardware ID – HardwareID is made up of 10 hardware attributes of a machine that are hashed and combined together. See for more information about these hardware attributes.

If any of these values change or if the client does not yet have a GUID a new SCCM GUID is generated. You can see this process in the ClientIDManagerStartup.log.

Once an SCCM GUID is generated it is sent, along with other information, as part of a DDR(Data Discovery Record) to the SCCM server. The SCCM server uses this information to determine if a new record should be created.

Conflicting Records

When a machine is rebuilt a new SCCM GUID is created by the client but the HardwareID is the same. When this information is sent to the SCCM server the server identifies that en existing record with a matching HardwareID already exists. As a result a new record is created and the existing record is set to obsolete. Information about this process can be found on the new resource record under the properties PreviousSMSUUID and SMSUUIDChangeDate.

The default behaviour for SCCM is to create a new resource record when conflicts are detected. This behaviour can be handled manually allowing an administrator to merge the records rather than creating a new one. Information on this process is available at

An Example

I have a freshly built Windows 7 machine deployed by an MDT Task Sequence in SCCM. I’ve run the following Powershell command to get all the attributes of the machine.

Get-WmiObject -Computer SCCMServer -Namespace root\sms\Site_000 -Query "SELECT * FROM SMS_R_System WHERE NetbiosName='VM-JBH-MOE01'"

The important attributes:

HardwareID: 2:68FB352A952243E79D938BE6EBA1B293DFA6E6E5
SMSUniqueIdentifier: GUID:9DBFD114-9B37-48A0-9747-EB15FA277DFE

After PXE booting the machine and running the Task Sequence again I see a new record with the following:

HardwareID: 2:68FB352A952243E79D938BE6EBA1B293DFA6E6E5
SMSUniqueIdentifier: GUID:467FBD75-6341-4D9C-8E7E-1FD227A081B0
PreviousSMSUUID: GUID:9DBFD114-9B37-48A0-9747-EB15FA277DFE
SMSUUIDChangeDate: 20101119042938.000000+***

Notice the PreviousSMSUUID matches the SMSUniqueIdentifier above.

Also of note is this line in Ddm.log on the site server:

1 records with Hardware ID 2:68FB352A952243E79D938BE6EBA1B293DFA6E6E5 were obsoleted by VM-JBH-MOE01.

A Final Note

So why doesn’t this happen all the time? Well SCCM does try and match up there records if it can and when rebuilding using a “Refresh” scenarios the SCCM GUID is saved and reused. In a later post I’ll show you how to reuse the SCCM GUID when using MDT in SCCM.

See the following for some more information:

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Output SCCM Task Sequence Variables

When debugging Task Sequences it is often crucial to know the exact value of Configuration Manager’s built-in task sequence variables. There variables are available during the execution of a task sequence using the Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment COM object. There is a great post on the Deployment Guys site that explains how to use the above COM object and provides a script to use for debugging during a Task Sequence.

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Transparent Powershell Window

Want to set your Powershell Window to be a little see through?? Try this:

## Set-WindowTransparent.ps1
Add-Type -Type @"
using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Text;
namespace TE
public static class Win32Methods
internal const int GWL_EXSTYLE = -20;
internal const int WS_EX_LAYERED = 0x80000;
internal const int LWA_ALPHA = 0x2;
internal const int LWA_COLORKEY = 0x1;
internal static extern bool SetLayeredWindowAttributes(IntPtr hwnd, uint crKey, byte bAlpha, uint dwFlags);
internal static extern int SetWindowLong(IntPtr hWnd, int nIndex, int dwNewLong);
internal static extern int GetWindowLong(IntPtr hWnd, int nIndex);
public static void SetWindowTransparent(IntPtr hWnd)
SetWindowLong(hWnd, GWL_EXSTYLE, GetWindowLong(hWnd, GWL_EXSTYLE) ^ WS_EX_LAYERED);
SetLayeredWindowAttributes(hWnd, 0, 230, LWA_ALPHA);
$hwnd = (Get-Process -Id $pid).MainWindowHandle
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