Monad – The next big thing

Do you even get the urge to try something new? Well if you learn one thing in the next 12 months make sure it is ‘Monad’, the new Microsoft Shell. It isn’t finished yet but already the power and flexibility of the new shell is clear. You’ll need to get the .net Framework 2 RTM for it to work but after that point your browser here and get the latest copy of Monad.

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Pasting in a DOS Windows

I was wondering the other day while at work why when I right-click in a command window that windows pastes whatever is in the clipboard and doesn’t show the context menu. I tried it at home and all I got was the right-click menu. Now I’ve grown very attached to this quick pasting feature so started to dig around to find out how I could get me home PC to do the same thing. As it turns out it is really very easy. Here are the steps involved:


  1. Go to Start->Run
  2. Type cmd and click Ok.
  3. Right-click on the title bar and go to properties
  4. Then select QuickEdit Mode on the right.
  5. Click Ok and choose to change the default settings.
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