Finding Path lengths greater than MAX_PATH

If you’ve ever had anything to do with maintaining or migrating a fileserver you will probably have experienced issues with MAX_PATH. In Windows the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which is defined as 260 characters. One of the most common errors for MAX_PATH is “Can’t access this folder. Path is too long.” This usually happens when users (those pesky users!) map a drive half way down a directory structure and started creating new files and folders.

You can find more information about MAX_PATH at the following locations:

I’ve seen a number of different ways of finding paths that are too long but my favourite at the moment is using the Microsoft Log Parser. Details:

Once you’ve downloaded LogParser you can run the following command to output a CSV file of paths greater than 250 characters:

LogParser “SELECT Path, Size FROM C:\*.* WHERE STRLEN(Path) > 250″ -i:FS -preserveLastAccTime:ON -o:CSV > Results.csv

Just change the “C:\*.*” to the location you want to check for long paths and Bob’s your uncle.

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Microsoft Network is down….apparently??

I laughed myself silly yesterday when I received an email from Microsoft Support with the following:

“I am sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately our Microsoft network is down since last week. All the domain controllers had to rebuild again. The email system is down, internet is down. So we are unable to communicate with our existing customers.

I will contact you as soon our infrastructure is ready.

Sorry for inconvenient.”

Best excuse for poor service from Microsoft yet!

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Two Blogs you should go read!

I just noticed a couple of guys I’ve work with lately have started blogging. These guys really know their stuff so you should go take a look:

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Theme fixed for IE7 – Thanks Kelly Keeton

Kelly keeton was nice enough to fix a bug in my css that cause the Project84Grass theme to look a little weird in IE7. Thanks mate!! I’ll post the update theme as a zip file later today.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! While 2005 seemed like a year that went by in a flash it took a rather long time for 12:00 to come by. The night was spent with friends and family and I must say it was quite enjoyable. All the best to you all and have a happy and pleasant new year.

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Merry Christmas All

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New IPAQ with faulty screen

I purchased an HP IPAQ from a few weeks ago. It arrived on friday and after unpacking it I noticed that the screen was behaving really strange. The ‘display’ of the picture was fine but it was really inconsistent with the stylus. After trying for several hours to find out what the problem was I decided to make a warranty claim. Since this is a problem with the screen I doubt very much that they will replaced it for free but it is certainly worth a try. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress.

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A blog entry a day

I’ve been neglecting my blog:( Well as of today it will be an entry a day.:)

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Finished University

Finally after four years of toil I’ve finished my Bachelor of Information Technology. Now I can put BInfoTech after my name on business cards:) It is such a good feeling, almost the same as that feeling when you finish school. It’s like you can now do all the things that you couldn’t before because you were studying but don’t want to do them. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if you tried.

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This is absolutely hilarious!

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