Symantec Antivirus 10 bug

I Found out something interesting about Symantec’s latest Antivirus product the other day which I thought may be of interest to some.


Apparently when a machine boots the DoScan.exe uses a large amount of memory and CPU. When the DoScan.exe completes RTVScan is using about 40MB of RAM.


The solution from Symantec is as follows:


One possible workaround is to create a reg key and import it to each user before running the SAV 10 install. Creating and setting CreatedUserQuickScan to 1 before running the SAV install should prevent the creation of the Auto-Generated QuickScan for that user.


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Intel\LANDesk\VirusProtect6\CurrentVersion\CustomTasks] “CreatedUserQuickScan”=dword:00000001

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