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Installing Lenovo Hotkey Utility in an SCCM Task Sequence

If you’ve ever tried to install the Lenovo Hotkey utility as part of an SCCM Task Sequence you’ll have noticed that no matter how big a tantrum you through it won’t work. Lenovo’s documentation states that you can install the Hotkey utility in an unattended fasion using “Setup.exe /S”. For whatever reason this doesn’t work in a Task Sequence using a standard Package and Program. To get around this do the follow:

  1. Extract the Hotkey utility.
  2. Create a batch file InstallHotkey.cmd with a single line: %~dp0SETUP.EXE /S
  3. Create a standard SCCM package with the source pointing to your extracted hotkey files.
  4. Make sure that InstallHotkey.cmd is in the same dir as Setup.exe
  5. In you Task Sequence add a new “Run Command Line” task.
  6. Set the Package to the Hotkey Package you created in step 4.
  7. In the command line put InstallHotkey.cmd
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