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BDD 2007 RC1 Release

Microsoft have just released BDD 2007 RC1. BDD 2007 give best practice guidance on how to deploy Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Information about the technologies used in BDD 2007 are at

Go to to download.

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Theme fixed for IE7 – Thanks Kelly Keeton

Kelly keeton was nice enough to fix a bug in my css that cause the Project84Grass theme to look a little weird in IE7. Thanks mate!! I’ll post the update theme as a zip file later today.

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Debugging ZTI

I’ve been doing some work with Zero Touch Installation lately and have certainly come across my fair share of problems. Fortunately you can get a lot of debugging information out of ZTI. THere is a great article OSD and ZTI Troubleshooting Tips that has some excellent tips on debugging.

One thing that I found that caused me grief for at least a few hours was the 80004005 error. According to the article mention above the causes are commonly:
-Wrong PackageID in customsettings.ini
-Failure to resolve MP or DP using FQDN
-Missing NIC drivers in Winpe

I found that I got this error because osd.debug existed on the machine I was testing on. If you’re testing your deployment CD’s make sure you do a diskpart first or at least remove osd.debug.

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